Girls & Sweaters

So, there is this guy, and he's a real womanizer, you know? He's the type of guy who has, like, a different girl every night. I mean it. For him, falling in love is a frightening prospect. That's what this song is about. It's kind of a romantic comedy in song form, if you will.

© Logan - - businessman with a bra in his mouth

© Logan - - businessman with a bra in his mouth

In lieu of our rehearsal this Sunday, I wanted to finish the lyric. Here's the latest draft:

He changes girls like you and I change sweaters
He’s always on the lookout for somebody better.
The girl of his dreams
Is the girl of the moment
‘Till the moment passes.

From California to North Carolina
He’s got a photographic memory of every vagina
That he’s ever touched.
And every crotch has a notch
On his bedside table.

Oo, oo!
What will he do
When he falls in love?

 Oo oo!
Will it be you
That he’s dreaming of?
I doubt it.

 He changes girls with every change of the season.
The rest of us go shopping for the very same reason.
He examines the racks,
Wears them out, takes them back
And then he just moves on.

 Right when you fall in love with him you’ll fall out of fashion.
The first thirty days with him are bursting with passion,
But on day thirty-one
You’ll find a “Dear, Jane”
Letter waiting on your pillow.

Ah, ah!
What’s going to happen
When he falls in love?

 Ah, ah!
Who will it happen
To be that month?

He changes girls like you and I change sweaters.
He heats up and cools off in sync with the weather.
He’s never alone,
Yet he’s always alone
No matter who he’s with

 From San Francisco to the New York Islands
From the Cape of Good Hope to the Scottish Highlands
Every girl
From every part of the world
Has fallen victim to him.

 There you go. A trivial little pop song. The world is full of them. What's one more?