Some demos

Here are some of the new songs we did today, October 19th. None of them have lyrics, so I'm just mumbling through them, or singing some nonsense. Check them out.

This first one is just called Gospel Number because we don't have any lyrics yet. I think the melody is really nice, and the feel has potential. See what you think:

This next song is called Jealous. You can hear a bit of some 80s melody "Never surrender!" There's even some Manilow in there. It's pretty rocking. The song also has no lyrics except for the chorus, where I sing "I'm jealous of the boy who tonight gets hold you." The song will probably be about some guy who wants this girl and does all this romantic stuff for her, but she isn't ready to commit, so she dates other guys and he gets jealous. Pretty standard 80s rock stuff. It's pretty rough, but it's not bad for the first day working on it.

Next up we have When The Paris Moon Hits You. This one only has a handful of lyrics. It's going to be about two people who are just friends, who are seeing other people, but who are walking through Paris and end up overcome by the romance of the place. So they start making out on the banks of the river. Scandal! When I finish the lyrics it'll be a nice story. We're going for a kind of Morrissey meets Francoise Hardy feel. We'll see. Here's today's version:

And, finally, here's our version of Roll On, Mighty Danube, with the complete lyric and some noodly, tinkly gospel piano. The piano needs some work. It's definitely just a first take, but it gives you an idea. 


Ok. More later.