Rehearsal Two

The Sunday before last we got together at Joe's place to treat his wife and neighbors to our dulcet tones. While Bob's son Simon played video games in the next room, we set up in Joe's garage and did a little more work on six songs: Church, Mosque..., Roll On, Mighty Danube, I Think We Just Lose Touch, On The Wet Streets Of Sevilla, and a new song called The Bridge On The Canal. We were really excited about that one, even though it isn't finished. This was the first time Joe and Bob had heard it. Check it out:

The songs are still in their early stages. We need to decide on a feel for some of them and on others tighten the rhythm section. We recorded the songs so that we could get ideas about how to arrange them and think about what overdubs to put on. Right now they're really sparse and could use some different flavors and textures. My vocals are rough and out of tune. I made up tons of nonsense words on Girls and Sweaters because I don't have the lyrics finished yet. You can hear me mumbling nonsense. On Church, Mosque..., I can really hear that I need to simplify the lyrics I've written. At the tempo we're playing it, the syllables are all garbled. I think we probably should also change the key of the song because my voice is all over the place on the recording. Still, we love every minute of it. Writing songs is an amazing process!

We discovered that Roll On, Mighty Danube has the same chord progression as a Velvet Underground song. On this version we tried to capture that feel:

In the grand scheme of things, it was a great rehearsal. I learned a lot from listening to these recordings. I'll leave you with a rough sketch of Girls and Sweaters and the most fully fleshed out of all the songs so far: On The Wet Streets Of Sevilla.

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