New Album?

Yes! It's true! Last week Joe, Bob and I got together to start work on a new Parks & Recreation album. Joe and I have already started writing some songs.

So far, each Parks & Recreation album explores three themes. How To Save The World was about escapism, failed relationships, and loneliness, for example. This next album will be no different. One of the themes we're exploring so far is travel, as I have two songs that have to do with being out in the larger world. On The Wet Streets Of Sevilla (Semana Santa) is about witnessing Easter Week in Spain, and Church Mosque Church Mosque Church Mosque Mosque is about being in Istanbul. It appears we're getting out of the suburbs. I wonder what other themes will emerge as we write new songs.

Our goal is to get the songs done and head to the studio by the beginning of next year, after which we will do overdubs and then hand the tracks to Jarkko Heinio, our friend who mixed How To Save The World. Expect this album to have strings, horns, and everything else you would want from a Parks & Recreation album.

As we make progress on the album, I'll be uploading demos, lyrics, films, and photographs. I hope you'll join us on this journey. More later! - Michael