Into the Studio

Okay. On December 4th we'll be going into the studio to work on our as-yet-untitled third album. We couldn't be more excited. We'll be working with Sean Flora, a Portland music luminary who has done work with many great artists. We'll be doing the basic tracks with Sean and then working on the overdubs in our various home studios until we're satisfied. As of now, the song list (in no particular order) is as follows: 

On The Wet Streets Of Sevilla
Church, Mosque, Church, Mosque, Mosque, Church, Mosque
Girls & Sweaters
Roll On, Mighty Danube
We Were Standing On The Steps Of The Palace

he Bridge On The Canal
When The Paris Moon Hits You
Love & War
Walk In Space
Heart In Your Hand
Every Road I Travel
Forgive Me For All My Sins (Light As A Feather)
All We Wanted Was A Bed
In The Event That I Lose You
Hello, Berlin

Whew! That's a lot of songs, right? Will we get through them all? Time will tell.