New Album Underway!

Hello, everyone. This month we'll start rehearsals again for the new album. July 12th will be our first rehearsal and then we'll have two more before going into the studio. We're excited to get going on this album. As of now, the track list is:

On The Wet Streets Of Sevilla (Semana Santa)
Church, Mosque, Church, Mosque, Mosque, Church, Mosque
Girls & Sweaters
Roll On, Mighty Danube
We Were Standing On The Steps Of The Palace
I Think We Just Lose Touch
The Bridge On The Canal
When The Paris Moon Hits You
Love & War
Walk In Space
Heart In Your Hand
Every Road I Travel
Forgive Me For All My Sins (Light As A Feather)
All We Wanted Was A Bed  
In The Event That I Lose You
Hello, Berlin

I know that song list doesn't mean much to you now, but trust me, this album will be chock full of smash hits! We'll keep you posted on developments. In the meantime, why don't you pop over to this link:, where you'll find the Reclinerland web comic Success well underway. More later!